It's Time For Alternative Approaches.

Times have changed. In our view, returns from traditional asset classes and strategies are likely to be lower than investors have enjoyed historically, making it more difficult for investors to reach their long-term goals. This is further complicated by a prospective environment marked by a number of unknown, unknowns. PIMCO offers a range of liquid alternative strategies designed to help investors navigate these challenges by providing potentially valuable sources of enhanced return and risk diversification as a complement to core allocations.

Our Latest Thinking On Alternative Investing.

PIMCO currently manages more than $100 billion in liquid alternatives¹, bringing to bear 40 years of experience, a rigorous investment process and a long history of innovation. Explore our insights below to learn why and how you can integrate these alternative strategies into your portfolio.

"It's Time For Alternatives To Do Some Heavy Lifting."

"In An Era Of Uncertainty And Lower Returns - It's Time For Alternative Approaches."

PIMCO Liquid Alternative Strategies

PIMCO Liquid Alternative Strategies

Absolute Return

Seeks positive returns across different market environments through a combination of active management and trading expertise with the ability to benefit from short exposure and isolate attractive risk premiums.

Liquid alternatives are distinguished from the broader universe of alternative investments by being offered in vehicles – most commonly mutual funds and exchange-traded funds – that provide daily liquidity and are accessible to a wide range of institutional and individual investors.

Multi-asset Strategies

Focused on delivering returns across all market environments by dynamically allocating across a range of global asset classes and risk factors.

Lower yields and slower global growth have reduced expectations for the returns of stocks and bonds.

Equity-related Strategies

Various equity-based strategies that seek attractive returns with modest volatility while relying on the ability to manage equity market exposure.

In an era of low beta returns, active managers that can produce consistent, high quality, liquid and diversifying returns in easily accessed structures may be best able to help investors achieve their goals. It’s time to think alternatively.

Real Assets Strategies

Tied to the performance of “real assets” including commodities and real estate and enhanced by active fixed income management.

We have a time-tested investment process and an innovation driven culture that has always compelled us to think alternatively.

Currency Strategies

Exposure to select developed and developing economies where favorable economic fundamentals indicate a potential for currency appreciation.

Diversification of risk exposures and alpha sources is arguably more important today than ever.